COVID19 NOTICE: All meetings are being held digitally until further notice.
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Welcome to the Center of Gravity Toastmasters
In changing times, we're used to pivoting. Based out of the Capital Factory in downtown Austin, TX, technology and innovation are in our blood. We've learned that sound leadership skills are reliable in person and online.

Our club creates a fun, relaxed, professional environment to work on skills that will change your life. 
Come check us out, we can't wait to e-meet you! 
What YOU get when you join us
  • Safe space to practice your public speaking skills (digital or in-person!)
  • Constructive feedback from membership with your best interests at heart, who want to see you succeed
  • A guided process to professional development and networking that makes taking the next step clear and easy
  • A global network of outgoing leaders you can plug into whenever, wherever you are
  • The freedom to work at your own pace
Meeting Times Have Changed!
Please Join Us on Thursdays
12:05pm - 12:55pm
Currently via Zoom

About Us

The Center of Gravity Toastmasters normally meet on the 16th floor of the Capital Factory in downtown Austin (outside of quarantine, that is).

Capital Factory is the "Center of Gravity" of innovation in Austin. As such, the Center of Gravity Toastmasters pride themselves on their entrepreneurial, outside-the-box approach to leadership and public speaking. Our club gets traction from some of the most innovative companies Austin has to offer. We offer a supportive, energetic environment that's easy to plug in to. Join us! 

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“Three weeks after I joined Center of Gravity Toastmasters, I was funded and sold my company. Was that related? I can't say it wasn't.”

— Someone who is only 4 LinkedIn contacts removed from Jeff Bezos
“Don't worry, we're changing these out.”

— Famous person
“Center of Gravity Toastmasters gave me the confidence I needed to face Darth Vader.”

— Fallen Jedi Ahsoka Tano
Center of Gravity Toastmasters